Mail comes from Mr. T. Schultes

      We have a letter from Mr. T. Schultes who used to be a core staff in K&R company as followed:

      In 1904, Bauermann Soehne was set up in Hilden.

      In 1935, boy registered its trademark.

      In 1978, boy joined in K&RKortenbach & Rauhcompany.

      In fact, Knirps, Kobold, boy are meant to be boy.

      Different vocabularies are the same meaning while different brands use the same craftsmanship.



     Design Patent

  Three brands, belonging to the K&R company, possessed brilliant designs in separated years.

       Kobold invented the Elastic Automatic Umbrella.

       Knirps invented the Collapsible Umbrella.

       boy invented the Plastic Rivets Fasten Technology.

       boy invented the Tenon-Type Bead Tips.

       boy invented the New Panel Fixed with Setline.

       boy invented the Reinforced Ten Angle Tube Shaft.

       boy invented the Reverse Tube with Thick Upper Half and Thin Lower Half.

       boy invented the Counter-clockwise Push & Pull Safe Runner.

       boy invented the Humanized Under-Cut  Unsinkable Buckle.


  Unstoppable Discovery

      Even though the patents of umbrella are over hundreds, there still can be improved. Since 2016, boy has used two achievements of new crafts. Meanwhile, boy is about to develop another three new technologies in succession. boy aims to lead the fashion and innovation trends.