boy, born in Germany in 1904, was known as one of the umbrella brands in Germany. And it had become one of the three famous German umbrella brands including Kobold and Knirps since it registered boy as trademark in 1935.

      boy inherits the traditional culture of Germany and becomes a young and changeable style. Living Palette is the core theme of boy umbrella, which contains European fashion colors and trends.

      boy attempts to make a brand image of Light Luxury while it uses the design elements of fashion trends. Because a simple and noble brand characteristic is important to boy umbrella as well, boy reserves the rigorous crafts and arts of Germany, and adheres to the spirit of German craftsman.

     Good design details and leisurely Light Luxury experience enable boy to be the primary umbrella brand in many European shopping malls and special shops.



     Dusseldorf held different international exhibitions yearly. Meanwhile, boy cooperates with exhibitions and festivals as a sponsor regularly.

     When the "Boot Düsseldorf" was open in Dusseldorf, boy sincerely provided available umbrellas for participants.

     Hannover Messe displayed export products that "Made in Germany". Dating back to 1947, boy already introduced its achievements of inheritance and innovation on the communication platform of international technology and industry.



  There are many traditional festivals in Germany. Either the national celebrations or the local festivals, boy tried to be part of the events instead of being conspicuous. Follow boy, let's have fun.

     Carnival (Karneval Fasching Fasnacht), is mainly  held in Cologne, Dusseldorf, Bonn and Mainz. People wear bizarre or traditional clothes, and delicate masks on the parade.

     Speaking of Germany, beer should be the first on the list. The old city, in Dusseldorf, is the fame of "the world's longest bar". boy appears in Oktoberfest every year, which is impressive.

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     Pfingsten, an ancient costume parade, is a homemade biscuit festivals and a cock crowing competition. boy keeps in low profile without any makeup. It can also be amazing when decorated. Logo can tell everything.

     Other festivals as followed:


     Münchner Oktoberfest

     Wein-und Winzerfeste

     Loveparade Berlin

     Cannstatter Volksfest


     Frankfurt Bicycle 

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     Dating back to the Bundesliga in 1963, boy supported German football team many times in many ways. Whatever the performance of the football team was fabulous or not, boy was the solid backup all the time.