Living Palette

     Living Palette is the theme of boy, which expresses the color of European fashion and becomes an umbrella brand of fashion collocation. 

      boy emphasizes the fashionable package and the added value. It is suitable for the youth who cares about life quality and fashion trends. Meanwhile, he/she is fond of fashion collocation. 


       Light Luxury 

       Color Your Life, the slogan of boy, has been lasting for a century.

      boy, a German umbrella brand, has been in pursuit of young and changing fashion trends and formed as a significant Light Luxury style. boy satisfies different needs and follows fashion trends by focusing on the details design, the leisurely experience of Light Luxury and the great value in consumption.

   Black & Blue Label


      ☆Black Label, which represents a royal, elegant and invaluable style, exclusively sold on the internet including Tmall, JD, and, China.


       Blue Label, which represents a simple, fashionable and characteristic style, only sold in the offline stores such as Family Mart.